[GUIDE] Participate in Collabs with AsianPopCollabs aka APC?

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[GUIDE] Participate in Collabs with AsianPopCollabs aka APC?

Postby MzDreamii » Fri, July 29th 2011, 5:51 am

How To Join Collabs in AsianPopCollabs aka APC?


The 3 ways to collab at APC are:

- “first come first served” basis in The Collaboration Corner
- “auditions” basis in APAC Auditions
- “invitation” basis in Collabs By Invite

A bit about how things work below:

The Collaboration Corner- “first come first served”
Spoiler: show
1.Add yourself as a friend and subscribe to Asian Pop Collaboration's YouTube Channel

2. Regularly check in The Collaborations Corner forums for new [OPEN] collab topics that were started because collabs here are done on "First Come First Served" basis so if you check into the forum regularly, you're more likely to get parts you like best.

3. If you are interested to join, reply in the topic saying so. Make sure you take note of any extra requirements if there are any listed by the initiator. Then keep checking back for the initiator's reply and further instructions.

4. The initiator will announce when the sign ups close then let everyone know when lyrics will be split, they will also give any further instructions to recording and due dates along with split lyrics. Do keep checking back to keep updated.

5. When you record, unless asked to, never send your part with any background music as it makes mixing difficult. To record with no background music, choose a quiet place to record, listen to the music with earphones/headphones then record your voice into a microphone.

6. If there are parts that overlap such as harmonies or doubles, please pop them in separate clips and label them to help the mixer identify your parts and mix them in properly. Try not to send too many separate clips though.

7. After you recorded, upload your vocal clip to a file hosting site such as http://www.box.net, http://www.4shared.com or http://www.mediafire.com, copy and paste the link onto the collab topic. This way parts are all in the same place and don't get lost. =)

8. Wait for the initiator to mix and release the collab! ^_^

Collabs By Invite
Spoiler: show
This is 1 of the 3 places APC singers can collab in. It’s an alternative to the other “first come first served” and “auditions” sections.

Simple steps to hold one here:
1. An APC’er in the blue coverists team can invite other APC’ers to sing together on a song. You can do this through PM, Chatbox, Skype, Facebook, YouTube or anywhere really. Remember a collab here also adds to your overall 8 collab limit.
2. After you decided who will be singing, go into the Collabs By Invite forum and into the correct language forum.
3. Open the collab topic listing the singers, song name, instrumentals, due dates and lyrics…etc.
4. Ask all singers to post a reply in that topic to confirm.
5. Collect parts, mix audio, mix video, upload to YouTube then post the Completed Collab topic.
6. Edit your topic used to organise the collab’s status to “COMPLETED.”
Interested in this section? Drop by the Collabs By Invite area and hold a collab of your own!

APAC Auditions
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Holding an audition here counts as 2 towards the 8 collab limit. Please check into the actual APAC auditions forum for how collabing in this section works.

Last note: Try to have a good balance between joining open collabs and holding collabs so everyone can have fun ^^ Finally, we hope your singing experience with the friendly and talented APC'ers is a fun and pleasant one! <3

~With Love from your AsianPopCollabs Administrative Team!

ps. If you are new to collabing, it would be a good idea to start a introduction topic in the Coverists- The Blue Team forum if you have at least one upload OR in the Hello From NewComers for those completely new to singing. Ask any questions in there and a friendly passerby will answer your questions, you won't be alone for long at all =D

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