[GUIDE] Audio+Video Mixing Yourself or ask an APC Mixer?

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[GUIDE] Audio+Video Mixing Yourself or ask an APC Mixer?

Postby MzDreamii » Fri, July 29th 2011, 5:48 am

Audio+Video Mixing Yourself or asking an APC Mixer?

:clueless: ... :thinking:

Been thinking about hold a collab on APC but lack time or
don't feel comfortable with audio or video mixing?

Here's two things you can do!


1/ If you are in The Blue Team or YTEggie Group and would like to open a collab but what's stopping you is you don't feel comfortable mixing or don't have the time you have the option to request a APC Audio Mixer or Video Designer to mix or make the video on your behalf, given that their status is "Accepting." Just choose a mixer from the 24/7 Services Mixing Team who is accepting requests and ask if they are available to help at this time then wait for their reply.

If the mixer or video designer accepts your request, you can discuss details together but please be patient during the mixing. APC's recruited mixers and video designers only accept APC collabs, do not ask in the forum for personal mixes as those posts may be removed.

2/ Alternatively, if you'd like to try audio mixing or video designing yourself, take a browse in the Mixing Team forum or the Video Team forum and ask some questions there. We'll be glad to help out or refer you to the best person to talk to.

Have fun and have any questions, ask below ^___^

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