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[GUIDE] Private Messages (PM)

Postby Cherrii321 » Sun, February 19th 2012, 6:33 am

How to use APC Private Messages (PM)

Many aspects will be obvious for those who have been regularly using this function; this quick tutorial is particularly written with newbie members or those new to using forums in mind.

1. When you've been sent a new private message, you'll see a yellow notification "1 new message". It falls back to 0 once you click on it but stays yellow/highlighted until you click to open the mail itself.

2. How to send a private message: Click on “Compose message” or 'New MP’


a. You can send a mail with up to 5 recipients (only applies to all Blue members and Eggies).
Note: Moderators/Admins are able to send to up to 5 recipients or entire groups of users for forum related news/changes & updates/announcements etc.
b. Place each of your recipients on a new line as shown above – simply leaving a space bar in between names will return an error message, “The requested users to be added do not exist” and your mail won’t send.
c. ‘Subject’: Make your subject line informative. If you need a quick reply, stick in ‘Urgent’. Try avoid very general subject lines such as ‘Hi ^^’ or ‘I need help’ etc. – be more specific.
d. Preview to make sure the message looks good to go (optional) or just hit ‘Submit’ to send.

After clicking ‘Submit’, it’s also a good idea to check for the mail in your 'Outbox'. If it’s not there in the 'Outbox', then the mail hasn’t been sent through successfully, you’ll need to re-send. Tip: [Ctrl][a], [Ctrl][c] before sending to save having to retype out your message.

Outbox: Mail sitting here have arrived at your recipient’s mailbox but not yet opened/read by them.
You’re still able to edit your mail even after you’ve sent it given that the recipient has yet to open/read. Just open the message up from your Outbox then click on the red 'edit' button. Opened/read mails (in the Sentbox) can’t be edited.


Sentbox: Wondering if your mail has been read?
Once mails have been opened/read by your recipient, the message will move from ‘Outbox’ to this ‘Sentbox’.

3. Save Draft/Manage PM Drafts:
Spoiler: show
More of a tool you use for planning more ‘important’ or detailed mails; this space allow you to come back to re-edit/re-craft your messages before sending.

4/ Marking Important Mails:
Spoiler: show
Tick the box next to your important mail, then click ‘Go’.

The mail’s now marked as important; signified by the two orange bars on either side of the mail.

Alternatively, you may add a new folder to store your important mails. This would be desirable especially if you do get sent many mails and like to categories mail based on importance/priority and prefer having in the one place. To do this:

Choose “Rules, folders and setting” on the left

Give your folder a name then click ‘Add'. A new tab should appear on the left side when you’ve done this and you can now transfer mails from the ‘Inbox’ to ‘Important msgs’:

5. Other:
Spoiler: show
Full inbox defined: 400 messages stored in you PM.
On a full inbox, the defaulted action: New mails can still be sent and received but oldest messages are progressively deleted. You will see "One private message had been removed due to private message filters."

Other option at your disposal:
‘Do not accept new messages (new messages are held back until enough space is made available)' [Not recommended]

There are other rules you can play around with in “Rules, folders and settings”, but I wont go into those as most of you wouldn't be tapping into them settings.

So I’ve briefly gone over the basics that you will most likely come across. If there is anything else you’d like more information on, here’s the place to seek further clarification.

Usage of APC PM means you understand there is strictly to be no advertising of other singing forums even by simple mention or promotion of non-APC collabs with the exception of those by our partners.
Global rules also apply here, always exercise courtesy in your mails and keep it nice. Thankies!! :)

~Current Collabs~:
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