Aegisub (Make Your Own Karaoke-Software)

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Aegisub (Make Your Own Karaoke-Software)

Postby RichieT » Wed, June 10th 2015, 3:41 am

Hey guys, so lately I have seen a lot of karaoke videos which are looking very nice, and I did commented on some of those YT videos to ask them what software they used, and apparently I just got a response back said she used Aegisub. I haven't asked her much yet, but I did download the software already hehe. And also I didn't ask her much, because I knew you guys might know about this software before, so I was thinking instead of asking her, why shouldn't I start a topic about this program and we can start chitchatting around ^^ ?

So have you guys ever used this program before? Do you think it's a very complicated program? Do you think how much time will it be consumed to just making one karaoke video? Is it hard to make one? Is it hard to learn how to use this software? Do you think are there any very good tutorials of this software on YT? Below here I will show you a link to one of the result of this software used, do you also think it's pretty?

1 S.H.E - 沿海公路的出口
2 鄭元暢 - 忠於原味
3 S.H.E - 你曾是少年

1 Ti Amo 我爱你 (Jess)
2 Ti Amo (Yuyu)
3 Honey (Kai)
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