What's your fave song?

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What's your fave song?

Postby ChaeKyon » Wed, November 12th 2014, 4:20 pm

. :tune: :buttdance: :JY: :dance3: :mashidance: dance1: :tune: .

What's your fave song?

. :tune: :buttdance: :JY: :dance3: :mashidance: dance1: :tune: .

Not much of a game, just a bit of fun!!! :git:

Post a list of related songs and let others reply which one is their fave. :dubu:
They could all be by the same artist, from the same album, from artists from the same company, have the same topic/theme, the same title, just something that ties them together really. ^^

Please wait for a few replies before posting a new list. :Sweat:
Feel free to link the songs and make sure to check them all out if you're 'voting'.

Oh! And don't list too many songs at one time :XD:


Here's my list:
  • Fantasy by Xia (Kim Junsu)
  • Fantasy by A-JAX
  • Moonlight Fantasy by TVXQ (HoMin)
  • Fantasy by Mariah Carey
  • Fantasy by Danny Fernandes
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