sonamoo - deja vu

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sonamoo - deja vu

Postby ennmiss558 » Thu, February 12th 2015, 3:46 am
proundly present
sonamoo deja vu cover

initiator : hanseulah
song: deja vu
artist : sonamoo
mixer audio : Rosalina2138
mixer video : EnnMiss558

annyeong any TS lovers in here... :)

mv :
instrumental :
lyrics by nana sway ... obilebasic
box :
soundcloud :
video :

cast :prettyeyes:
Sumin darkprincesshoshix3
Minjae ChocoberryCovers
D.ana Rosalina2138
Nahyun chantelleeey
Euijin kila
High.D *self cast*
New Sun yvejee520

thanks for audio mixer this amazing collabs i have.. :hamham:
Rosalina2138 thanks so much...

darkprincesshoshix3 ur voice really ahhh i cant say anything just...
i love it so much.. :lick:
ChocoberryCovers again again and again we meet in one collab...
its awesome.. :mushroomkiss:
im already remember ur voice... without i see ur name in the cast i will know which one ur voice...
its familiar in my ears... awesome.. :ajosh:
Rosalina2138 i do less u do more... :geek:
very good ur low rap... even i dont know can i do like u or no... :slap:
i think no... :janorea:
chantelleeey we do many collabs.. and the first time i remember ur voice in happy 2ne1 song u catch CL part very good... :smart: and in here u do awesome job again...
nice to meet you.. :jumpy:
kila heyyoo cutie.. :dubu: the first time i hear ur voice in speed cover.. u catch the low voice..
ahh i like ur voice now very good in my ear... :explode:
yvejee520 ur rap very good.. :gasp: speciality when u rap with Rosalina2138 u catch her part very good...

awesome cast and mixer audio... :explode:
thanks for all :dead:
new cover

new project check it.. ^^

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