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[GUIDELINES][FCFS]The Collaborations Corner

Postby MzDreamii » Mon, August 8th 2011, 6:24 am


[FCFS] "The Collaborations Corner"

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Other Languages

*In addition to Global Rules/Guidelines
Please read this post before holding your first collaboration.
This may answer some questions you may have about holding collabs

Some Simple Rules and Guidelines:

1. Everyone in the "YT Performers" group (aka the Blue Team) or the APC Newbie group may initiate or join a collab. APC Newbies need to ask their "buddy" to co-manage with them their first initiated collab (so as to ensure a smooth and prompt release) then they can become solo blue members to open collabs on their own.

2. No "auditions" permitted as it will be against the well known "first in first served" rule. Auditions should be posted in the APACAuditions Area instead.

3. No videos of any entertainment channel/forum songs should be posted here.

4. The collabs must be uploaded on YouTube, be public, have [APC] in the title and include a link to Asian Pop Collaborations forum in the description of your finished video.

5. Finished Collab videos posted in "Completed Collaborations" need to be under the appropriate language forum. Then change your released collab topic's status from "[CLOSED]" to "[COMPLETED]" so moderators know you're finished and can move your topic.

6. Be sure to carry through the collab to completion and not leave a collab to go inactive for more than a period of 2 months or cancel it due to your own loss of interest or "busy schedule"...this is unfair to your joiners. Inactive topics with the last post more than 2 months will be moved to the 2nd Chances/Frozen Collab section for adoption and you will not be able to start new collabs unless that collab is reclaimed by someone or yourself. Try to release collabs it in the shortest time possible.

7.Being responsible and considerate: If you start a collab then realise you are unable to manage it, let others know immediately so they can adopt it. If you join a collabs and need to drop out, tell the initiator sooner rather than later.

8. "APC COLLABS" are those organised in "The Collaborations Corner." Ones pre-organised in the ChatBox or through PM go in the "Collabs by Invite" forum instead. Auditions go in the APACAuditions forum. Personal collabs/covers (non-entertainments) may be shared in your "Coverists" forum topic.

9. To start a new collab or adopt one, you must have no more than 8 initiated collab/groups at any one time or have any collabs in the 2nd Chances/Frozen collabs section (unless the collab is cancelled on a not enough sign ups reasoning). Even given a limit, please be sure you can handle the amount of collabs you do decide to manage.

10. No excessive foul language (swearing) allowed even in parodies or song lyrics. Offensive material (in any shape or form) may be removed so when in doubt, please PM us to make sure it is okay. This is because we have many under 18 users. We might require certain words to be censored in some cases too although the automatic word censor may erase rude words.

11. All topic titles in the Collaborations Corner must be in format:


eg "[CLOSED] Run Devil Run- SNSD"

...other titles such as "read this" or "recording" or "re-opened" or "re-re-closed" shouldn't be used.

Completed Collabs should have their statuses changed to [COMPLETED].

Only three statuses should ever exist: OPEN, CLOSED, COMPLETED

12. 1 Song/Group per topic only. This reduces the risk of someone abandoning the project when they find it too hard to manage. Only forum wide events will contain more than 1 song in a topic due to high co-ordination and organisation involved.

13. When holding a collab in topics, please use a similar format to this:

Song Name:
Originally by/Artist:
Status:(OPEN/CLOSED sign-up)
Include a video of the song
Number of coverists required
Extra requirements (these should not be based on singing ability) (some examples you can include: not submitting files on time will result in immediate re-casting, decent microphone, decent pronunciation, must not have delayed my collabs in the past before...etc)
Due Date

~With love from your Administrative Team :shootya:
Cherrii <3
Agit <3
Dreamii <3

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