A new dancer approaches!

Tell us a bit about yourself as a dancer, build your dancer profile, showcase at least one solo dance cover.

Be as creative as you like!

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A new dancer approaches!

Postby Nickle4aPickle » Fri, November 22nd 2013, 2:55 am

Hey all! I'm Nickle, nice to meet you! ^^

I've been dancing to APop stuff for 3-4 years now, I think? I started with JPop, and now do KPop as well. :D
Some of my stuff:
The one I'm most proud of, my solo of SHINee's "Lucifer." It, uh... wasn't supposed to be a solo. But the show must go on! XD

(This one is on Unlisted mode. Lemme know if you can't see it!)
Here's a practice run of "Genie" by Girls' Generation/SNSD.

And the performance of it with 3 other girls. We were following a version that was for 5 people. Sadly our 5th person couldn't attend the recital. D:

Now for a little JPop!
"Saikyou Pare Parade" by the Haruhi Suzumiya voice actresses! (Please pardon the DJ p0n-3 cosplay. XD)

"Gachinko de Ikou" by BUONO! (So old, OMG. XD)

And of course there are more on my channel. :D

Feel free to message me about anything! :D I'm shy when it comes to starting conversations. ^^; I love it when people talk to me, though. <3
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