yay?... or something? ^^

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yay?... or something? ^^

Postby HoshinaAya » Mon, May 28th 2012, 4:39 am

My first try for SNSD's song Oh!
I was watching the MV for a couple of times and tried to dance it before I went to sleep... :hamangel:
I usually "warm up" before dancing, but I didn't have much time so... yeah...
I know I don't have a lot of attitude, swag, cutness etc.. etc.. but I'll keep practicing my dance moves till it gets better.
(To be honest... I'm actually not confident in dancing to k-pop songs... I don't know... It doesn't suit me.?)
Don't laugh at me... I know I'm not cute or pretty... and my friends say that I'm chubby...>.<'' I'm NOT chubby... It's just that I'm not a stick... :explode:


My latest cover~ =^-^=
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Re: yay?... or something? ^^

Postby eternallyloves » Fri, June 1st 2012, 8:37 am

hello! hehe you've joined the dancers team! :D i'm not really good at dancing myself >< but practice makes perfect so you will be able to improve! you're already doing quite well ^^ i think you can try to be a little more energetic? i can see you've gotten the hold of almost all the moves but just a little more "exaggeration"? just my thought ^^ do practice and let us know of your progress! :D -celeste
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listen/watch my latest cover here!
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