♫♪ Asian Pop Collaborations: Est. 21st Jan 2010- Intro! ♫♪

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♫♪ Asian Pop Collaborations: Est. 21st Jan 2010- Intro! ♫♪

Postby MzDreamii » Sat, July 30th 2011, 9:22 am

~♪♫♪~Welcome to the Asian Pop Collaborations (APC) Forums~♫♪♫♫♪~

"A place for all Youtube coverists, managed by Youtube coverists..."




"Asian Pop Collaborations" - The Beginnings!

"Asian Pop Collaborations" (also known as APC) is an online Asian singing covers group related especially to YouTube singers. We began as a small "Group" on YouTube on the 21st January 2010 (Australian Eastern Standard Time) founded by MzDreamii (now retired admin since 22nd Jan 2013) and was later co-managed with her twinnie Cherrii321 and close friend Agitjob in response to the lack of Chinese collabs out in YouTube~ indeed it was called "Mando-Pop Collabs" at one point of time!

Initially APC concentrated on Cpop (mando-pop) which later started it's YT channel called "AsianPopCollabs" and covered all Asian languages in general from the 13th April 2010. APC further opened it's first forum in 21st of July 2010 which many APC'ers are familiar with. A year later, on 8th August 2011, the management team decided to migrate to this new home where we have more space to play and have improved safety control of the site.
Since then, 08/08 has been chosen to be 'APC forums' official birthday


We started out as a fun "collaborative group for coverists to gather and initiate or join collabs" and still believe in that. APC'ers of all different singing skills gather close together to sing, network and improve on what we love best together in a "first come first served" basis since the beginning to rid of the fuss of auditions! Our ever bubbly and dedicated management team will always try our best to make everyone's stay an enjoyable one. If you see "green", "purple" or "light blue" members they are the right ones to ask for assistance...don't worry they don't bite! XDDD

We are differentiated to other singing groups on YouTube because we hold the belief that all who enjoy singing should be able to take part no matter what their singing skills are up to and operate on a friendly basis where we all support one another, or put simply, "A place for all Youtube coverists, managed by Youtube coverists...". So if you are someone solely after "perfect" voices and collabs, you are most likely going to find it hard to fit in with our cosy culture.

APC is the first YouTube singing group to go by "first in, first served" since early 2010. APAC, which stands for 'Asian Pop Audition Collabs", and Collabs By Invite section have been added in to give more flexibility for members when doing collabs around the house. However, the Collaboration Corner is where most of the collaborations take place.


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About the meaning of the Butterfly Logo

"APC (Asian Pop Collaborations) is a site for Worldwide collaboration. To reflect this, I designed the mascot of the butterfly [originally named Psyche - from the Greek for "life"]. The meaning of the butterfly is: the soul and freedom; in legends and mythology the butterfly has symbolised the soul. And for the members of APC singing is important to us even if it is just for fun, APC connects us through music. The APC logo uses primary colours because from just those 3 colours it is possible to create a rainbow. Each colour reflects a language spoken/sung in APC. So, APC's rainbow reflects that we welcome everyone... doesn't matter what their background is."
(Quoted from ChaeKyon - Admin Assistant & the author of the logo)


~With Many Hugs and Kisses from your APC's Upper Administrative Team

~ DarkJyn, Bbxcandy501, Xinlidege, Fowlergirl, Kaoruhyung

~MzDreamii (retired admin since 22nd Jan 2013), Cherrii321, Agitjob, ChaeKyon

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