Swag and Cool Dancer, Rainie/Ri-A imnida!

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Swag and Cool Dancer, Rainie/Ri-A imnida!

Postby Rainienuabo » Fri, October 28th 2011, 1:13 am

Anyeong Haseo! Ohayou Gozaimasu! Rainie or Ri-A imnida!
I'm Rainie but my Stage Name is Ri-A. I'm a soon-to-be-idol.
I love Dancing, rapping, singing and playing piano. I love performing either boy or girl group songs. Especially boy group songs, I dance it swag or cool way and with random cool and swag hand, head or body gestures while dancing or singing or rapping.
I automatically dance or lipcync whenever I hear a song or rap I love. Some of it are Boyfriend songs such as Don't Touch My Girl, You and I and Boyfriend or Hey Say Jump's Mayonaka no Shadow boy, Your seed, Arigatou~, Over and many more. Yes I can dance,rap and sing it all and I can even play some of those songs on my piano.

About my personality, hmmm... you can say that I'm a combination of Boyfriend's Minwoo + Shinee's Taemin + Airi Suzuki (I always make weird/cute sounds like her)+ f(x) Sulli. And a bit of Kwangmin and Youngmin's personality cause I love Pikachu and Pokemon even way before and I can be angry so fast or cry because I can't do a dance step right like Youngmin. I'm a bit 4d too cause everyday I can be very happy or emotionally sad or Energetic and dancey or even angry.

Random facts about me:
1. I make these circles by my hand randomly everyday.
2.I always accidentally can't stop winking.
3.And yes I do this too. I always imitate whatever Kwangmin-ah does in his rap.
4.I always memorize the rap parts in Boyfriend songs easily and quickly.
5.I once cried in almost a whole day.
6.I don't have a bias or whatever but I have someone I really and I love him because of his personality. (The first one who can guess who is my love gets a part she wants on my collabs! Keke.) We had a Pikachu plushie in our room that I always see but I never acknowledge or even play with it.(Could it be that someone's using Pikachu to look over me? I'm curious.)
7.We Always watch Pokemon since we were something like 8 years old. Me and my siblings watch together while lying on our bed Hehe. (*hits own face* Rainie Stop Spazzing about Pikachu and Pokemon!!!) Sorry! I can't stop Pikachuing. Excuse Me!

That's all! *bow* Bye!

My Dance covers:
Boyfriend UCC Mission 3

Boyfriend You and I

I don't have a high quality camera so this is all I can do. At least I uploaded my dance!
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Re: Swag and Cool Dancer, Rainie/Ri-A imnida!

Postby Agitjob » Sun, October 30th 2011, 4:44 am

Waaahhh Those are very cute random facts about you oh Rainie :XD: I actually starred at your 1st random thing and somehow scared a bit when she get closed to the screen with 2 big black holes on her face =X....
Welcome to APC and thanks for sharing your dancing with us :happy: Hope to see you participate more in activities around here oh ^___^
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Thanks Sarah for making this cute signature for me :aww:
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Re: Swag and Cool Dancer, Rainie/Ri-A imnida!

Postby Katiwa » Fri, April 20th 2012, 2:00 am

i love your attituuuuuuuuude :xin: you should join the dance collabs section :ajosh: viewforum.php?f=146
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