[ABOUT] APC Feedback and Reviews Team!

Need critic and advice on your covers? This is the place! ^-^

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[ABOUT] APC Feedback and Reviews Team!

Postby Musa » Thu, May 30th 2013, 12:44 pm


Need some constructive criticisms on your mixing or singing works? Halt right here! (^_^)

Our Purpose:

To help APC'ers improve together on singing and mixing skills through offering prompt, encouraging constructive criticisms.

Please feel free to browse the list of Reviewers who will be more than delighted to help you by providing advice and their opinions on your singing and mixing works.

The APC Official Reviews Team have been recruited based on their good knowledge and ability to comment in an encouraging manner while giving constructive criticisms about various aspects in singing and mixing. Their reviews should be more detailed than your average comment and can point out the good points and aspects that have room for improvement then suggest ways to improve. However, please resist putting in a review if you think receiving "negative" comments will hurt your feelings as reviewers will speak their honest thoughts.

Personal Singing and Mixing Reviews are also taken by the team, please browse through each of their Reviewer Profiles to see which type of Reviews are taken, here: viewforum.php?f=24

Current Reviewers:

APC Username/YouTube Account: songchicky1997
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: I will accept all kinds of requests for all languages, but I won't criticize your pronunciation if it's a language I've never heard or spoken before...
Also relevant: I won't be too harsh on you guys, but I'm also not going to lie, I'll always try finding a way to say things nicely and let you guys learn from it (lol, sound like a teacher). ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: Yunomuna / Nomuna08
Types of Reviews I am Accepting:
- Languages: Korean and English
- Types: solos, duets, collabs, singing reviews
Also relevant:
- When reviewing I'll pay extra attention to the pronunciation (especially Korean) and can give advise on how to improve it.
- I'll be most comfortable with reviewing Kpop songs, but other English songs are okay too. However, it may take longer time to review if I'm not familiar with the song.
- Will finish reviewing the request within 1-2 weeks
- I'm new here, but I'll be honest and try my best to give you a good review. ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: Katiwa/xKatiwa
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: Solo, duet or collab
Singing, rapping or mixing
Korean songs (Only English or Japanese versions of K-Pop songs are also accepted, exception of Lily Allen, Lady Gaga songs, i can also review any language if it's rapping)
Also relevant: I am REALLY but REALLY harsh, if you want someone to tell you that your singing is the best, go ask your gramma, don't hate me because i didn't liked something ~ But i will try to always be as nice as i can o u o BE AWARE ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: foocw
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: Apart from anything mixing-related, I can review practically anything, but my reviews would be more complete if what I'm reviewing are in English or Mandarin, my 2 main languages.
Also relevant: I am honest and straightforward, so don't expect me to mince my words. Although I will try to be as kind and constructive as I can. I can be very fussy, picking on all sorts of tiny, apparently insignificant stuff. I will try not to do that, unless these small things add up into something significant.
I'm not perfect. So I will try my best not to suggest to anyone anything that I myself cannot do.
I will try to respond to requests as promptly as possible. ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: lilmisjump10
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: I do duets, solos, previews, collabs, languages, mixing reviews, and even DANCE and fanfiction reviews. I'm open to doing any type, as long as it has no relation to mixing and video editing.
Also relevant: Anything Relevant.. hmm, well; I'm a really honest person when you want me too. I'll be as honest as I can if you want. I can give reviews based on what I really see or hear in your covers / collabs. But, if you want me to be less honest, I'll do it. I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings; but if your used to being critiqued, feel free to tell me.
In short, I can be both harsh and nice; it all depends on the reviews that you want. ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: Alayahsmiles
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: solos, duets, previews, singing reviews; language reviews: English & Japaneses
*Note: I will review any song of any language but I can't critic on the language aspect
Also relevant: My critics will never be harsh, I will always put it in the nicest of ways. Always positive mixed with the things I would suggest you work on; Everyone has talent :) If you ever have a problem; PM me with the details and I would be happy to discuss things! ;)

APC Username/YouTube Account: Tamaneko/icedude999
Types of Reviews I am Accepting: Free for anything that's kpop, jpop, mandopop and cantopop
Also relevant: I will not sugar-coat my reviews. I will give suggestions for improvements. ;)

Wanna be one of us?

Apply to be a Reviewer too here, recruitment will usually be OPEN:

Here's what we expect from our reviewers:

Cheers!! ^O^
Any questions? Ask below, or send me a PM!^^
My current collabs:
1) 2NE1 - I Love You (Recording)
2) GLAM - I Like That (Recording)
3) B.A.P - Stop It (Recording)
4) Alayahsmiles - Days On Lesson (Recording)
5) Big Bang - Lies (Audio Mixing)
6) 2NE1 - It Hurts (Audio Mixing)
7) C-ute - Kiss Me Aishiteru (Audio Mixing)
8) As Long As There's Christmas - Beauty and the Beast 2 (Recording)
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