[REVIEWERS READ] Info + Guide for APC Reviewers

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[REVIEWERS READ] Info + Guide for APC Reviewers

Postby MzDreamii » Thu, May 17th 2012, 7:35 am

Dear APC Reviewers,

Some quick points you should be familiar with;

1. Drop frequent updates on a regular basis in your Reviewer Profiles (at least once a month) so requesters can see if you’re currently available and those waiting for their review to be posted can be assured you’re currently working on them. Also, if circumstances change, such as you will only be taking on Korean and English requests only, also post it as an update while adding it in the 1st post in your topic.

A 'quick update' may be, for example; currently reviewing ABC mix from XYZ, open to take another 3 review requests, will not be accepting reviews from 4th Jan- 10th Jan…etc…

2. After reviewing any non-APC works request and posting in your review topic, PM the requester and let them know the request granted. If it was an APC Collab, posting a link to your review in the Collab Topic is a must.

3. If anything at all comes up, shoot me a PM and i'll attend to your queries as soon as i can.

4. Remember to change your status -'Not accepting'/'Accepting' as neccessary.


Format for all Reviewer Profiles:
Spoiler: show
Reviewer Topic Titles: “Reviewer Username- Reviewers Profile {Accepting/Not Accepting}.”

APC Username/YouTube Account:

Types of Reviews I am Accepting:
Eg…solos, duets, previews of collabs before release, mixing reviews, singing reviews, languages…etc You can choose to list and review any type of singing/mixing reviews except for any works belonging to a different Entertainment.

Currently accepted Reviewing jobs:

Maximum number Reviewing jobs accepted at any one time :

Currently accepting requests:

Times of the year/months I’m OPEN to review :

Also relevant:
Give any warnings before someone gives you a request? Best to put something here to avoid hard feelings if you are a very harsh reviewer who will speak it how it is. ^^
Giving examples of your past reviews (So the requested gets a feel for how your critique style is).
Everything else you find relevant…
Time for you to return a review after it's requested?
Anything else?

Other Tips and Info for Reviewers:
Spoiler: show
Reviews will only be done on request or voluntarily by yourself. You have full freedom to choose what you would like to review. When you feel like it, you can voluntarily choose APC releases to review as to bring attention to your Reviewer Profile and to boost requests in your personal topic. Although it is highly recommended you review as many APC Releases as you are able to, after all, a key purpose of the Reviews Team is to improve standards of APC releases ^^

- Reviewers will have their very own Reviewers Profile Topic and can specify what types of reviews you are taking. All your reviews will be housed in your own topic. You can opt to review all singing/mixing works (personal and APC) with the exception of works from other Entertainments on YouTube or forums which are not permitted.

-Once you have reviewed a personal request, PM the requester, linking them to your Reviewer Profile where you had posted the review. Once you have reviewed an APC Release, simply post a link to your Reviewer Profile in the Completed Collaboration's topic. This will bring higher attention and awareness to your review and participants will appreciate your efforts to review their works.

- Reviewers should know to use your words wisely. We are helping the others with our constructive comments, not bashing nor bias. And we should choose a nice way to share our opinions.

Happy Reviewing~!


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