FightingForSasuke - Video Designer Profile {Accepting}

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FightingForSasuke - Video Designer Profile {Accepting}

Postby FightingForSasuke » Sat, August 25th 2012, 9:39 pm

APC Username: FightingForSasuke
YouTube Channel: FightingForSasuke
Video Editing Software Used: Sony Vegas Pro 9 and Adobe After Effect CS4 (Plus Photo Shop CS5.1 for graphics and such)
Video Specialty: Moving picture, syncing music to videos... Instead of listing things I'll just Say if there is something you want done I can do it and if I don't know how to do it I'll learn it ^-^
Weakness: Render speed ... My main Program (Sony Vegas) Takes hours to render the final video
Maximum number video tasks that you can accept: 1- 2 (possibly more depending on School)
Other information that you deemed important:
~~I take from 1 day to 2 weeks (possibly longer) to do a video. I'm slow but depending on how basic the animation and my schedule depends on how long it takes.
~~ALSO! AND PLEASE DO THIS! Please tell me if in the video I'm to use the Alias of the singers or the Youtube Channel names ... Or both... to identify the singer in the video! (Please supply me with the list of names please)
~~Also I ask make the script available to me ^-^

Examples of Videos I've done ^-^ :
Spoiler: show
PhantomVoicesChorus - Night Series Medley - 15 Singers

Blooming Winds - Connect - 8 Singers

NicoStarChorus- Romeo and Cinderella - 7 Singers

Birthday Chorus - Panda Hero - 14 Singers

cнєcкмαтє яєqυιєм - One Of Repetition - 16 Singers

NicoStarChorus - Senbon Zakura - 14 Singers

YTC - Happy Synthesizer -operation-circuit mix- 4 Singers
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Re: FightingForSasuke - Video Designer Profile {Accepting}

Postby Dicreare » Sun, April 19th 2015, 9:46 pm

Kai~ ^^ I want to request a video mix of a collab~ ^^
Song: Just One Day
Original Artist: BTS
Audio Mixer: Taiga (taigatoradora)
Jungkook: Dice (Dicreare)
Jimin: MD (dredbyun)
Jin: Yuyu (soeulloveforever)
V: Hime (yeonims)
Rap Monster: Taiga (taigatoradora)
Suga: Enna (HanSeulAh)
J-Hope: No2 (Noni)

What the video should look like?
> APC intro and end
> Format would be like this: // but the video should be the mv and circular. photo background: ... -day-1.jpg ... efault.jpg
(you can choose or find another one) xD
> names of coverists on their assigned part

that's all i guess... PM me if you have clarifications, ~ ^^

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