Rules and info for Lyricists! <Please Read>

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Rules and info for Lyricists! <Please Read>

Postby ChaeKyon » Sat, July 30th 2011, 8:12 pm

Please read these few things about being a Lyricist...
*This post applies only to those who have been confirmed to be in the team, by me... or our awesome admin group*

- Providing: your own original lyrics, translation(s) or changing existing lyrics for APC collabs
- Consultations: give opinions or advice on others' lyrics
- Although you can accept non-APC requests, APC requests must have a higher priority

- You have full rights to any original lyrics and can request to withdraw them if your reason is valid
(e.g Collab initiator changing lyrics)
- You have the right to lyric credits in completed collabs
- You have the right to refuse non-APC usage/distribution of lyrics
(e.g credits on YT only, but lyrics can be posted in the APC post for that collab)
- You may refer someone to another lyricist if you are unable to write for that song/artist
- You may also co-write lyrics (sharing responsibility, rights and credit)
- You have the right to use your lyrics for other requests
but ONLY if BOTH of the following apply: (e.g 2 different people ask for SNSD - Gee lyrics)
*A) The first request was not an exclusive request
*B) The second person (or other people) are happy with those lyrics

- No offensive or rude lyrics
- Do not take on too many requests and then refuse to finish some
- Only list languages that: you are fluent in, were taught or are currently learning (NOT self taught)
- Must include "study level" for supporting languages (e.g 1st year)
- ANY existing lyrics or translations by others that are adapted MUST be credited
- You must be willing to be a little flexible if you have a specialism with a small total of songs
(e.g Specialism: F.CUZ songs > total: 16 songs)

Once you have read these rules please feel free to make your personal info post
And make sure to showcase your abilities!!! ^^

Some important points to remember:
* Try and include demos with your lyric samples to let others hear your work in action
* Only accept languages you are comfortable with and fluent enough in
* Please stay as active as possible and leave a notice here about any absences
* If you are unable to complete a request once accepted please post the details here,
and I will give the job to another lyricist (DO NOT take advantage of this)
* And most importantly once you have completed a lyric request...
*BEFORE posting them up, PLEASE send to me to review them
(I will also get a 2nd opinion, especially if I am unfamiliar with the language/group)

Finally... congrats on making it in the group!!!
I'm looking forward to working with you here~ ^^
ChaeKyon [Lyricist Team Manager]
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