Introduction to your APC Graphics Designing Team

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Introduction to your APC Graphics Designing Team

Postby Cherrii321 » Tue, July 26th 2011, 1:30 am


(Credits to axrustyxglove for this lovely banner)

Ever wanted to have a fancy image which suits the theme of your new released collab perfectly but you not sure how to do that? Or have you ever wanted to have a special APC signature JUST FOR YOU to show up your STYLE but you have no idea where to start from??

Then don't hesitate to take advantage on our designer's talents because that's what they're here for!! Skilled & at your service!!
This team was formed for those kinds of services to make APC a more fun and exciting playground for all of you. The list of APC Designers is stated below and will be constantly updated, so please feel free to check out their profile to choose one you think can help you.

Current Graphic Designers:
1. ChaeKyon
2. xArrolie
3. oskies
4. piggymelody
5. Tamaneko
6. JeiPi
7. Jennyja
8. lovesjiyong
9. axrustyxglove
10. Alicia

Feel it's something that excites you and wanna join our team?
Please stop by the recruiting topic in The Bulletin and drop your application.
Recruitment is an ongoing process so you have plenty of time to polish up your application!

~Current Collabs~:
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Electric Shock - f(x) (Ch.ver)(recording)

Bling Girl - B1A4 (recording)
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