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[GUIDELINES] Coverists (The Blue Team) Forum

Postby MzDreamii » Fri, July 29th 2011, 5:42 am

The "Coverists- The Blue Team" Forum

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What is the Coverists (The Blue Team)?
New to APC Forums but already have covers on your YouTube Channel?
This is just the place to start a topic of your own to introduce yourself and show others your channel and covers!

Already have covers up? Come HERE

Haven't posted a cover up as yet? Come HERE

Guidelines + Rules: Posting an Introduction (Besides from the Global Rules):

1. You don't have to take part in collabs to be able to start a topic of your own. Both coverists and composers may do so.

2. Newbies can post their topic in "Coverists", but only those who are qualified to join Blue YT Performer team can keep their topics here. Members with no uploads/youtube channel/are YT Eggs/due to other reasons will be moved to the Hello New Comers forum until they qualify for the YT Performer group.

3. ONE topic per user only ...this can be updated once in a while as you have new covers or to use as your place to chat with others!

4. ONE topic per band only ...if you formed a band with 2/3/4..members, you may start a thread for your band too. The band must have its' own YT channel and has released at least one collab/cover.

5. Strictly no advertising/spamming of your own music entertainment organisation/businesses/companies here. These will be removed to keep the house clean.

6. The layout of your page is entirely up to you, be as creative as you like with the editing tools, emoticons and images! :fro:

Some Tips & Recommendations for opening your own introduction topic:

1. Resist starting a topic ONLY to post a few covers and demand others to listen/comment/subscribe. If you do, it's ok but a common thing observed is that those who sound like they'd genuinely like to get to know others in their self intros are the ones receiving the most welcome messages. This is because everyone loves to find out about you as a person and not only about your voice. In short, show interest in others and you will be on the receiving end very soon! ^_^

2. Go around browsing and saying hi to other members' intro topic to show your interest in others. It's very likely others will do the same to you!

Unsure of what to include in your Self-Introduction?

Here are some ideas for you!

~ your name or nickname that you would like to be referred to
~ your youtube channel
~ how you found out about APC
~ languages you can sing in
~ what type of music do you enjoy? who are your favourite singers?
~ how long have you been singing for
~ do u play instruments Or in choir?
~ recommend others to listen to a cover?
~ anything random?
~ what other hobbies do you have besides singing?

That's all for now, enjoy yourselves!

~With Love from your Administrative Team :shootya:
Dreamii <3
Cherrii <3
Agit <3

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