[RULES] 2nd Chances/Frozen Collabs + Adoptions

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[RULES] 2nd Chances/Frozen Collabs + Adoptions

Postby MzDreamii » Fri, December 2nd 2011, 6:32 pm

2nd Chances/Frozen Collabs Forum:

***Please keep in mind before holding collabs that you must be sure you will be able to carry it through to completion. It is not fair to your joiners if you leave the topic inactive. Help is readily available if needed, just buzz a green or dark red member and we will be happy to offer you advice. There will be consequences for abandoning collabs.


There are 3 sections in the 2nd Chances/Frozen Collabs Forum:

Topics in Category 1 will have [Adopt Me!] in their title. These collabs have been left to be inactive by its’ initiator but have at least 1 part submitted and are up to be adopted by a kind adopter. Having a collab here means you are not allowed to hold any new collabs until this inactive one is adopted by someone else or yourself.

Topics in Category 3 called “Cancelled/Inactive Collabs After Sign Ups” are collabs that have been cancelled or left to become inactive but no parts have been submitted. These will stay here for a period of 2 months in which the initiator who left it to become inactive cannot start new collabs unless it is re-adopted. Otherwise, 2 months later, the topic will be removed.

Topics in Category 2 called “Cancelled due to not enough sign ups” hold records of songs that have been cancelled due to not getting enough sign ups. There is no penalty for having a collab in this section unlike the other 2 sections.

How to Adopt a Collab:

If you like the song, you can adopt a collab if you meet two simple requirements:

1/ Currently managing less than 8 collabs and have a good record of completing collabs.
2/ Are confident you are able to bring it to completion.

Just simply drop a reply in the topic saying you’re interested to adopt and a Greenie Mod will come to your assistance soon. Requests will be attended to within a 48 hour period.

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