[RULES] Collabs by Invitation

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[RULES] Collabs by Invitation

Postby Cherrii321 » Sun, November 20th 2011, 9:18 am


As you probably are already aware of, we currently have FCFS & Audition collaboration methods. Now, we're introducing our 'Invitiations' section - An additional song collaboration method at your option.

If you've ever had a specific song you wanted to sing and had specific people you'd like to sing it with you, then this section might come in handy to you.

As the collaboration section title says, here, you can Invite fellow coverists to join your collab; in other words, you have a pre-determined cast prior to opening up a collab topic. It's like how you'd usually hold collabs with the absence of a forum; pick a song, choose your cast then send invites over PM/Channel, share a google docs with lyrics split etc., except here, we give the google docs a miss and instead open a collab topic to coordinate collab progress/hold lyrics/vocal clips and discussion. An advantage of holding a normally 'private' collab publicly would be the increased attention to your upcoming releases.
So obviously the concept is very different to FCFS/Auditions.

A few rules apply:

-Any Newbie/Blue members/members in the management team may hold their own collabs by invite (Newbies should be guided by a Blue buddy).
-Collab starter/initiator should have at least 10 posts at the time of opening topic.
-You may invite any YT coverists, but before you start the collab topic, ensure that each invited member has an APC account ready so they can also participate in the topic.
-Have your cast set before opening up a topic.
-No permanent groups (those with their own forum/YT channel are considered a permanent group). Unless ALL the group members are also APC members and the group only have their YT channel (no forum)
- Holding a collab by invite counts towards the maximum number of collabs you can have running at anytime -which is 8. For example: You have have 5 collabs running in the FCFS collaboration corner and 3 collabs by invite under your management- meaning you've reached your limit & must release before opening more.
-The collab topic starter (initiator)/adopter must update the topic via a post reply at least once every 2 months before your topic will be moved to the 2nd chances corner/put up for adoption. Once that happens, you will not be able to hold anymore collabs on any section of the forum before 1. you adopt it back & complete it OR 2. Someone else steps in to adopt your collab.
- Releases must have the APC label.
- Anyone with inactive collabs under their name in the 2nd Chances Corner will not be allowed to open.

Settling out your topic:
So now that you have cast, open up a topic under 'Invitations-collabs in progress'. Let you topic title follow this format:
[INVITE] [Song title][Original Artist] --- no need to include a 'status' such as OPEN/CLOSED, as you should already have your cast with ready by the time you open a topic.
Should anyone drop out along the way, invite someone else to fill in the slot.
Have each of your cast members reply asap in the topic to confirm; you may then commence your collab.

Message body:
Original Artists:
Embed YT video:

Invited cast & their roles:
Other instructions:
Due Date:

Collab Releasing
You've made it this far, well done! Here a few thing you should know at the topic's completion.
-Let your completed collab topic title follow this format: Song title – Original Artist. Post the collab under 'Completed Collabs by Invite'.
-The YouTube Video title should include [APC Collab] or [AsianPopCollabs], you can add your group name after that, but [APC] label is a MUST.
-A mention of APC's invite section in your Video Description.
-Include a link to the forum: http://www.asianpopcollabs.com
-Should include the tags: APC, asianpopcollabs, invite collab
-The rest is straightforward; listing/crediting of initiator/cast/audio mixer/video mixer etc.
- Public the video (it shouldn't be on private).
-You are encouraged to use AsianPopCollabs intro/end constants in your video.

Cancelling collabs: since collabs in this section are more of personal agreements between the ones who join, the initiators can cancel the collabs in INVITE section anytime without any penalty. If you want to cancel a collab that you posted in INVITE section, what you need to do are:
- Discuss with all the ones that take part in your collabs and get their consent of the cancellation.
- Post a reply in your topic saying that "We agreed together to cancel this collab" and state your reason. As long as we see that line from you, our mods will remove the collab and you will take full responsibility of the cancellation (in case others in the collab say they don't know that the collabs are canceled afterward).
- Change the title of that topic from [INVITE] to [CANCEL].

Any questions? You're more than welcome to seek clarification in the Collabs by Invite forum. Enjoy~ ^______^

~With Love from your Administrative Team

~Current Collabs~:
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