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[USERGROUP] APC Newbie (Yellow)

PostPosted: Sun, September 18th 2011, 7:43 am
by MzDreamii
About the "APC Newbie"User Group

Usergroup: "APC Newbie"
Rank/Visual: 1 APC Butterfly
Color: Yellow


Purpose of this Usergroup:
To help new singers ease to collaborations/singing/mixing and/or settle into the APC community and activities comfortably. Extra help can be given by Buddies will be provided so yellow members will know where and who they can go to to ask for help in holding collabs. Buddies are friendly members who are very familiar with APC’s activities and procedures with holding collabs and making use of services in 24/7 Services Area.

A member may be placed into APC Newbie group when both points are met:
(1) Have a YouTube channel
(2) Trusted users and new singers who never covered any song or collaborated before (no cover on their own YT Channel).

Blues and Greenies: How can I apply to be a Buddy?
Greenies can be Buddies without applying, if greenie is free and interested, just contact BB to add you into Buddy list. Blue Members are required to drop their application/form in the Teams Recruitment Area in the The Bulletin.

When can an APC Newbie can be considered to the Blue team?

2 things happening can turn a APC Newbie blue, whichever 1 happens first allows the newbie to turn blue immediately, no need for both things to be met:

1. A cover or collab is uploaded onto their own YouTube channel
2. A co-managed collab is completed and uploaded onto the Newbie’s own YouTube channel

Through this new usergroup, members new to recording and APC will be able to comfortably take part in our activities! ^___^