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[RULES] APACProjects- Auditions

Postby Cherrii321 » Wed, September 14th 2011, 6:21 am


*** you can find a copy of this document in the actual APACProjects forum.

-------APACprojects is the audition branch of it's non-audition parent, AsianPopCollabs (APC).

Update: APACprojects Trial 2 has ceased, changes have been made to this section according to feedback given in the Suggestion Box. APACprojects will be official from today onwards.

You no longer need to apply to hold auditions (or use schedules), so long as the below have been met, you're all good to hold auditions.

• Members can self-cast OR be the sole drivers/manager of the project
• Any Blue member/Eggie (guided by Buddy)/Moderator/Admins with at least 10 posts may hold auditions.
• Have no 2nd chance collabs at time of applying.
• APC mixing team can be called upon (depends on the initiator’s level of mixing skills).
• Auditions count towards their 8 collab limit & will take up as '2' collabs.
• Keep 'Open' status for 3 (full) days minimum so all have a chance to participate.
• Audition video is optional -but recommended as these do gain you more auditions from past experience.
• Initiators need to update their collab at least once a month.

Other things to note:
• Resist opening if you foresee exams/hiatus/holidays-this is usually the cause for delay.
• APACprojects YT channel may also upload a version of each collab with a video designed by our Video Team for it's records (using APAC's Constants).
• No two auditions of the same song open at any one time.
• Only Korean, Chinese, Japanese collabs in this section.
• Lyricist Team may do random checks on lyrics to ensure any adlibs/harmonies are complete.

See how to set out audition topics (changed since the trial to exclude schedules):

Any queries, please don't hesitate to ask us ~! =')

Modified: 16th September 2011.

How to set out Audition Topic:

Song (language?):
Original Artists:
Embed Video (original MV or your own Audition Promotion video):
Audition manager:
Audio Mixer:
Graphics Designers:
Audio Mixer/Video Mixer:
Number of coverists required (if lyrics are to-be split)/parts open (if following original lyrics split):

Instructions to Auditionees:
~Must have APC acccount (mandatory)
~Complete this form:
(i) Apc account:
(ii) Youtube Channel:
(iii) Part(s) you would like from most to least/Any parts you don't want?:
(iv) Can send parts 2-3 weeks of being casted?
(v) Happy to resing any parts/harmonise if neccessary?
(vi) Embed audition video/include link to audition if on file sharing site: [specify whether they want you to sing this song/any/a ccapela-not hidden in loud background music or effects]
[Recommended] In the case someone needs to be recasted, i'm happy to fill in? Yes/No

General selection criteria:
--microphone quality
--suitability to part
--follow tune well
--fluency in language of song
--able to harmonise


Song: Hot Summer
Original Artists: f(x)

Audition manager: Cherrii321
Audio Mixer: Agitjob
Graphics Designers: angelofthewings
Video builder/Audio Mixer: Fowlergirl
Instrumental: *link*
Lyrics: http://snsdlyrics.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/fx-hot-summer/
Number of coverist required (5)/Parts open :
- person 1 [RECEIVED: initiator paste link here]
Amber- person 2 [RECEIVED: initiator paste link here]
Victoria- person 3
Sulli- person 4
Krystal- person 5

Instructions to Auditionees: : **As Above**

~With Love from your Administrative Team

~Current Collabs~:
Spoiler: show
Electric Shock - f(x) (Ch.ver)(recording)

Bling Girl - B1A4 (recording)
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