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Postby MzDreamii » Tue, July 26th 2011, 8:28 am

~~~~~~~Global Rules at APC Forums~~~~~~~

Some forums have their own local rules in addition so please do read before posting in those areas...would enable everyone to enjoy themselves to the max yo! ^____^

After reading and you have questions, just visit the Helpdesk and ask your questions. Don't be shy, we are more than happy to answer them and have a chit chat with you :D


The Global Rules on AsianPopCollabs (APC) forums:

-Register using your Youtube username, it will make it easy for fellow APC'ers to check out your channel. If you didn't know this on sign up, consider poking MzDreamii, Cherrii321 or Agitjob to change your username to your YT one by linking us to your active YT channel, please do not open a new duplicate account.

-Threads/videos/PMs/Signatures that mention auditions/audition channels/audition forums will be removed. This includes advertising of any other collab hosting groups or forums. If you receive spam/advertising, you can report this to a moderator or admin. Imagine with everybody starting to use the PM function to advertise...! =O The only "audition" related topics allowed are related to the APAC Auditions.

-Resist quoting huge posts as it gets messy, just click the reply button of the bottom to reply and use @username if you want to direct it to someone in particular.

- Resist including more than 1 video in your signature as it makes the page lagging with so many members added up.

-Give topics appropriate titles so that fellow APC'ers will have an idea of what it is about. Subjects like "Help me!" don't exactly give us an idea of your content. Please help us to help you the best way we can ^___^

-Try to post all topics in the appropriate forum. Mods may move topics to a more appropriate forum if needed. Off topic posts needs to go into a forum under the "Da Chill Out Room" category's forums.

-Avoid using CAPITAL letters to write entire post because as far as written langugue goes, it means shouting and can be seen as rude...unless for example, you are joking with friends of course ^^

-No adult content allowed. This includes suggestive phrases or pictures/emoticons. Doing so is a serious offence in APC and will result in immediate ban, no excuses accepted and no warning given.

- No advertisement of other entertainments or irrelevant websites in any way in APC.

- All material posted in APC will be carefully scanned by APC Management team (eg. instrumentals+ lyrics). We have the rights to remove any material posted when found to be the appropriate action to take.

-No foul langugue (swearing) allowed. There is an exception to song lyrics though as long as it is not excessive and totally meaningless. Put please note that any excessive offensive material (in any shape or form) may be removed because we have under 18 users here, if you are unsure PM an admin to make sure. Some words to be censored in some cases too. In any case, do refrain from swearing and respect other members ^^

-Please be nice to each other, be considerate and make your comment relevant to the cover/singing. Please support each other and not purely destructive comments with no advice on how to improve.

-Be friendly! Remember, no one wants to chat or work with someone with a bad attitude problem! Friendliness makes a huge difference everywhere, and especially on APC!~ =D


Stars and Ranks
To find Out more about groups and ranks, check into "The Bulletin."


To introduce yourself to other members and promote your covers, hold your own topic in "Coverists" forum.


Help and Assistance on APC
Your first point of contact with assistance on many matter is on "Helpdesk".

Otherwise, please don't hesitate to PM Cherrii321, Agitjob or MzDreamii and we'll be more than happy to sort things out or explain anything you are unsure of with you.


Finally, we hope everyone will feel safe and enjoy themselves.

-The Asian Pop Collaboration's Team

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Postby Agitjob » Fri, October 18th 2013, 9:17 pm

Rule updated today.
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